Beyond EADS "typhoon": Canada's FWSAR

Australian DoD posted Caribou retirement announced just before Mr. Fitzgibbon meetings with his NATO counterparts at Krakow (Poland) last Friday. Is Spain, Caribou retirement was tipped by the fine blogger El Tirador Solitario.

"A future Tactical Battlefield Airlift capability is being procured through Project Air 8000 Phase 2, with a scheduled in-service date of 2013. In the meantime No. 38 SQN will operate up to eight Hawker Pacific King Air light transport aircraft".

DoD/RAAF clearly want C-27J as replacement, to satisfy full interoperability with USAF/US Army JCA everywhere.

At the same time, Australian Maritime Safety Authority operates in Fixed Wings SAR operations an externalized service with an handful of refurbished ex civilian Dorniers. Meanwhile Surveillance Australia Pty Ltd provides in a very similar scheme Australian Customs and Border Protection Service run a externalized Coastguard program operating 6 Dash 8-200 and 4 larger, long range Dash 8-300 ex civilian refurbished as MPA. Alongside to Project Air 8000 Phase 2 delay, these business are former conservative PM Howard's legacy..

Compared with Australia, these fixed-wing services in Spain are serving by several public agencies -incluiding Spanish Air Force and "Guardia Civil"- using family CN-235/C-295 airframes, with very similar expecfications. No National Program to integrate these capabilities is expected... by the moment

By the way, Canada runs a Fixed Wing Search and Rescue (FWSAR) replacement program mission requirement wich was discussed usually by Martin Shadwich in official Canadian DND journals with pieces like Transforming Search and Rescue or Search and Rescue Redux. Other piece of analysis, albeit private interest owned, will be found here.

Not surprise could be note if the main contenders are C-27J an C-295 derivatives.

The Alenia product is benefited by JCA commonality with Canadian Air Force C-130J new fleet, but not is developed as a real SAR fixed wing aircraft.

EADS MTAD (CASA) product did so as Portuguese and Chilean SAR contracts based on C-295 airframe powered by P&W Canada PW127G. To support his efficiency, offers claims that had a high commonality with currently operated 6+3 (up to 36) USCG HC-114A Ocean Sentry, based in a the family CN-235 short airframe.

Also, the family CN-235/C-295 had a great potential of employment as MMA well suited to face both COIN and S&R missions requeriments (concept 'XC-265' Marauder/Merodeador) around the world with full logistic support, not only useful in a limited tactical transport role.

Photo: Map of EADS MTAD Global Fleet Presence.

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Anónimo dijo...

The C-27J is used for search and rescue in Greece by the Hellenic Air Force and in Italy by the Italian Air Force.

Jorge Aspizua Turrión dijo...

Sure? Please, send accurate information on this issue, I'll apreciated it. I know only for upgraded G-222's, the "father" of C-27J in those tasks.

By the way, any R&D Eurofighter funds were diverted by Alenia's R&D C-27-J? Sure, do you have an accurate information on this "rumour"

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