Towards an EADS New Deal?.

Spanish conservative newspaper ABC tipped today the EADS New Deal making off: EADS garantiza que la División Militar se integrará en Airbus como unidad «única y diferenciada».

1. ABC confirms that Spanish Gov had been obtained "written" guaranties from Mr. Gallois, EADS CEO, about current capabilities and contract in Spanish factories and facilities .

2. Also, the EADS "typhoon" had revealed the non-Spanish responsabilities in the A-400M program delay, said ABC.

Beyond ABC fine news, insiders said that "INI Legacy Old Guard" (INILOG) who performed and managed the former CASA integration on EADS since 1999 seemed that has been relegated at all.

Top level officials from Spanish both MoD and Ministery of Industry, among others, and specially whose served at public agencies like CDTI and SEPI -the legal owner of the Spanish stake at EADS- take command in Spain facing EADS "typhoon". As one insider said, "Who put the money on the table has the power".

As a result of the clash between Mr. Suárez, INILOG's President of MTAD, and Mr. Enders, Airbus CEO, Spanish newspapers published that Mr. Domingo Ureña, who is close the number two at Airbus, Fabrice Bregier, will to replace Suárez.

This issue was reflected yesterday by The Tocqueville Connection, (TTC) "a insider´s Web source for French news and analyses". Criticing the TTC's issue, a Spanish insider pointed that the "perito" Ureña could be the first Spanish but not ILOG's manager to access to MTAD main desk. To be confirmed, Ureña's promotion could be a key of change in MTAD'S internal management mentalities and procedures, better linked with European corporate EADS trumpeted culture. The key for success on Ureña's nomination from Mr. Gallois must be the effective application of the ABC's refered as the "written" guaranties... Today at El País front page El jefe de EADS asegura que los empleos del grupo en España no peligran... Not EADS workforce in Spain will be lost, "el jefe" says... Please, check full interview here.

Historical records matched the published facts. These showed that, just after last EADS management reorganization in mid-2007, Muriel Santoro, a junior researcher at French think-tank Centre d'Etudes Transatlantiques (CET) delivered in Spanish a short work paper entitled La nueva presidencia francesa de EADS: ¿la oportunidad de acabar con el eclipse de las ambiciones españolas?. She matched all the Spanish opportunities and key points which "typhooned" EADS during past weeks after the naïf off-the-record delivered to Financial Times...

At the end, EADS people ask for "el jefe" Gallois next step. The deadline to know its could work after German pools at September, 2009... or before.

P.S. Why Finmeccanica SPA recieved around 5.000 millions € from Italian Gov during 2008?

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