9/11. Lest we forget

The true Spanish combatants are ready, shoulder to shoulder alongside Americans.

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Juan de Herat dijo...

En Manás, el aeropuerto de Bishkek, la capital de Kyrgyzstan, los norteamericanos dedicaron una placa de marmol a los Españoles muertos en el YAK-42.

En ella se pueden leer:

"For each loss is to us a brother killed. For we, the chosen few, know that behind the "unfortunate losses" lie the hearts, souls and minds of brave and daring men who loved their Country and believed in their Creed, sacrificing al...l without question . . . To them all we send our love. Godspeed"

Thank you, Comrades.

We all owe you a big one.

Gob bless America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.