Afghanistan & National Security Strategy: some lessons to be learned in Spain

Hereby, courtesy of SWJ, four papers teaching lessons to be learned by Spanish decision makers on National Security Strategy building-up process.

On Afghanistan, from the current edition of U.S. News & World Report, (photo, courtesy of DoD, U.S. Army snipers at Afghanistan, 23-F, 2009)

1. Surge In Afghanistan Can Work, With Right Resources, Enough Time by John Nagl vs.

2. Afghanistan Surge Is Not Worth the Cost in Blood and Treasure by Andrew Bacevich

On Long Term Strategy, from the Winter 2008-2009 issue of the US Army War College’s Parameters,

3. Preserving Infrastructure: A 21st Century Challenge by Michael Chertoff, coordinated with

4. The 21st Century Security Environment and the Future of War by Colin S. Gray

AN UPDATE: U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) today made the following remarks to the American Enterprise Institute on Winning the War in Afghanistan. Full text at SWJ.

HISTORICAL RECORD: Regarding a 1991's 'liberal' movie on US Army 8th Air Force struggle for Freedom in Europe, hold from somewhere in England, with disproportioned use of force against Nazis: For The Boys - Stuff Like That There/PS I Love You.

Photo: From liberated Italy, "A Consolidated B-24 'Liberator' of the 15th A.F. releases its bombs on the railyards at Muhldorf, Germany on 19 March 1945. Bombers of the 15th A.F. are slicing vital rail lines from Vienna to Munich as the air offensive against the enemy reaches an all time high".

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