HDMS 'Absalon' (CSS) counter piracy & terror: step by step to "hybrid wars"

Last March 1, 2009, HDMS 'Absalon', a "hybrid" ship listed as Command and Support Ship (CSS), a 6.300ton "frigate" armed ship with Minelayer / SOF /LSV capabilities rescued a Dutch cargo ship and detained five pirates.

Here, more on HDMS 'Absalom' CSS

Photo bellow, courtesy of Royal Danish Navy US DoD, showed February 12, 2009, the HDMS ABSALON (in front) and the flagship for CTF 151, the guided-missile cruiser USS VELLA GULF (CG 72), in the middle, together with the guided-missile destroyer USS MAHAN (DDG 72) transit the Gulf of Aden. (US Navy photo by Jason R. Zalasky, Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class/Released)

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Lobo Estepario dijo...

Los escandinavos han hecho de su falta de recursos una virtud: Los buques multipropósito. Habrá que ver qué enseñanzas sacan los daneses del uso continuado del Absalon.

Los sistemas "para todo" terminan siendo "buenos en nada". Pero hay algo en el Absalon que me encanta.