Afghanistan and Kosovo, a watch from Basqe Country Spanish's 'klezmorim'

Since several years ago, American researchers and thinkers had been studying Spanish background on Small Wars. They still doing it today.

Spanish history, alongside French, Italian and British ones, provides a lot of know-how on these matters, from colonial times to current smart fight against terrorist menaces and attacks.

Also, Ultramar’s Portuguese campaigns during 60’s and 70’s, the “Bush Wars” in the South of Africa, Ethiopian-Somali Ogaden’s clashes, the savage Lebanon civil wars scenarios alongside the Central American “guerrilla wars” during 80´s were targeted to ride a lessons re-learned process. Ultimate, current Mexico war against urban narco-fighters, Colombian not ended war against narco-guerrillas still under focus.

From West to East, out and inside CONUS, these American theorists and practitioners doesn’t work alone. From “comprehensive approach” concept delivered by UK MoD expertise in 2005 to New Delhi’s IDSA “multipolar world” defined early in the 90’s provided a lot of instruments to understand, to planning and to manage, for example, “surge” at Iraq. Kilcullen’s advisory to both DoS and USCENTCOM’s top officials on Iraq is representative of this effort. Kilcullen is a former Australian SAS officer, with deep knowledge on Malaysian and Indonesian expertise on “irregular operations”, ranging anti-terrorist campaigns to stabilization ones after natural disasters. Also, he is an Anthropologist.

Today, Western “academic warriors” and “strategic corporals” still working shoulder-to-shoulder on the ground, everywhere, including Internet’s virtual battlefields. Means can change, but not the balance between peace and war nature...

Is no time to write whom Spanish “Kilcullens” still doing their tasks on these issues, but it’s sure they have doing a fine job too.

Regarding Spanish public opinion on the last Gaza Israel's campaign, please, take a watch on El dilema afgano del gobierno de España and enjoy Den Flygande Bokrullen: nórdicos e irreverentes, a North Face Swedish klezmer music. Really, these issues still linked... Remembering Kosovo multifaceted conflict.

Photo "The Spanish KFOR PlayBoy".

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