Sobre la guerra a propósito de la palabra 'guerra', sin meterme con D. Alfonso

[La foto está extraída del Axis History Forum y como se comprueba fue tomada hace 70 años tal día como hoy, en Rusia. El camuflaje del vehículo 8x8 radio de mando alemán es excelente. Lo mismo que el de muchos que sólo pretenden reconocer como 'guerra' lo que figura en la jurisprudencia, pretendiendo ignorar otras fuentes de conocimiento...]

The War Over COIN (Updated)

Posted by SWJ Editors on September 16, 2010 12:47 PM Print

The War Over COIN by Max Boot at Commentary's Contentions. Boot discusses the importance of using counterinsurgency principles in operations and the backlash against COIN in a debate often seen here on the pages of Small Wars Journal. This blog entry cites Dr. Nadia Schadlow's recent Armed Forces Journal article "A False Dichotomy". Boot concludes that the COIN debate is a debate well worth having but that we’d better get ready for these types of conflicts because guerrillas and terrorists aren’t going away.

Update: And from "on the scene" at an U.S. Army Unified Quest pre-wargame event, Spencer Ackerman of Wired's Danger Room writes Army Brains: Kill PowerPoint, ‘Counterinsurgency’.

Also by Ackerman on UQ: Army Asks Itself: Shouldn’t We Be Diplomats?

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