Alerta, los nuestros combaten en Afganistán

Afghan Army and Taliban battle in Badghis
By Bill Roggio May 30, 2009 2:57 PM

Earlier last week, three Afghan soldiers were killed and Italian paratroopers and three Afghan soldiers wounded during a clash. Two Italian helicopters were also damaged from enemy ground fire.

The Balamurghab district serves as the Taliban's main operations hub for northwestern Afghanistan. Taliban commanders in Badghis claimed to have 74 bases scattered throughout the Balamurghab district alone. Both Balamurghab and the neighboring district of Ghormach are under Taliban control. US, Spanish, and Afghan forces now maintain a presence in the Balamurghab district at the newly-built
Forward Operating Base Columbus.

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Juan de Herat dijo...

Sobre la importancia estratégica de Baghdis, hay un manido "iforme" de Matthew Du Pée, Badghis Province: Examining the Taliban´s Northwestern Campaign (http://www.nps.edu/programs/ccs/Journal/December%202008/Badghis_Final_Draft.pdf)

Cuídese, Don Jorge